About Skyhigh

Skyhigh is a school where child can learn and grow. Our school takes pride in its sophisticated infrastructure which provides a motivating environment for over all development. We have a team of experienced teachers for our Skyhighers. We groom our children with fun filled activities.


Skyhigh Facilities

The right environment helps in developing the child's ability to learn, communicate, respect, love, develop confidence and a positive self - esteem. To achieve the holistic development of the child various activity centres have been created.

  • Our Motto
  • Big Air Conditioned Class Rooms
  • Comfortable Furnitures
  • Balanced Teacher Student Ratio
  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers
  • Focused Curriculum
  • Variety Of Toys
  • Fun Games
  • Affordable Fees
  • Convenient School Timings
  • Learning Through Activities
  • Hygienic Washrooms
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • CCTV For Safety

We are Skyhighers


Want to get more information about our learning center or would like to see it inside, feel free to Come!