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Congratulation! On the opening of our 1st Session Congratulation and welcome all the Skyhigher in our 1st Session. We help Students to Learn n Grow through fun and activities

Skyhighers Celebrate Red Colour Day

Colours are important concept of language .The abilities to identify colours is very Important in a child’s development process. With these thought,’ Red Colour Day’ was celebrated at Skyhigh. The day was full of red colour. An objective to organize this was to introduce a red color to each and every children.

Skyhighers Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother play a special role in our lives .Their love and support is unconditional. Keeping this in mind, mother’s day was celebrated in the school with full of joy and enthusiasm. Children made the card for their moms.

Fun Fill Summer Camp

A summer camp organized by the school in which we had various activities like dance, painting, art and craft, computers, calligraphy and English conversation.


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